• Our in-person sessions are held within 20 minutes of area code 73160.
  • Live Zoom sessions are available for those outside our travel area.
  • ​If you have any questions about the program please contact us at info@rocanimaltraining.com
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Are you ready to sign your puppy up?

Puppy Start Right Program:

In Puppy Start Right Program your puppy will learn to:

  • Be comfortable around new and novel stimuli, people and sounds.
    Accept handling and restraint to become great veterinary patients.
    Be independent. This is important to prevent separation anxiety.
    Explore their environment at their own pace.
    Learn to share or trade valued items (chew toys, foods, furniture).
    Foundation skills that will help you live happily together. 

 Prevention Topics:

  •  House training
  •  Playing biting & chewing
  •  Jumping
  •  Handling & restraint (to become a good vet patient!)
  •  Food bowl issues
  •  Confinement & crate training
  •  Independence training

Introduction to Training Topics:

  • Clicker Training (To communicate clearly to your puppy!)
  • Attention
  • Sit
  • Come
  • Leave it / Drop it
  • Targeting
  • Leash Manners

Perfect for your new puppy!
What is included:

  • (4) 30 minute in home lessons

  • (4) Online Lessons

  • Puppy Start Right Book and Work Book

  • 1 month of Puppy Passport Club

  • ​Text/Email Support 

  • Facebook Support Group

  • Training Exercise Videos

  • Treat samples

  • Clicker​

Total Cost : $550.00


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