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This is a great way to start your puppies foundations and have them safely and

positively exposed to many different environments.

Puppies who would benefit are those who will be traveling with owners, sport prospects, or

owners who would like for us to set up those routines and they take over. 

There are three choices for your Puppy in Prep school:
1 Week - Drop off Sunday at 6pm and pick up Friday night at 6pm - $500.00
2 Weeks - Drop off Sunday at 6pm and pick up the second Friday night at 6pm - $1000.00
4 Weeks - Drop off Sunday at 6pm and pick up 4 Friday night at 6pm - $2000.00

Owners are responsible for transportation. Puppies must have age appropriate vaccines, a negative fecal and on flea and tick prevention. Only one puppy at a time per trainer. Video progress will be sent to client and uploaded to social media.

There will be a transfer session on Fridays at 6pm where we go over all the puppy has learned and how to continue at home.

Puppy Prep School

What is Puppy Prep School?

  • Puppy Prep school is for puppies 6 months or younger.
  • These puppies stay in our homes and we work on a few behaviors of the owners choice, work on building new foundations and routines, leash skills and help with potty training, confinement training and social skills.
  • These dogs are treated as our own and will run puppy appropriate errands with us, play, explore and are exposed to may other people, children, other dogs, cats and birds.

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