At ROC Animal Training and Behavior, we want to encourage and strengthen the relationship you have with your dog. The bond between a person and their dog is something that is fragile and easily broken. In order to protect this bond, we use only force free and kind methods. This type of training is important for having a family dog. It is even more important when working on behavior modification for aggression, fear or anxiety.

In order to have a great relationship with your dog, you both must know how to communicate properly with each other. We will teach you and your dog the skills to think and problem solve so you can enjoy a happy life together.

We have a plan for everyone whether you need a well-mannered dog or a solution for a specific behavioral issue. We consider ourselves Dog Trainers and People Teachers.

What We Offer

Dog Trainer. People Teacher.

Group Classes
From manners and obedience to fun games, trick classes and Canine Good Citizen classes we have it all. Classes are kept small to help you and your dog succeed.

Private Training Programs

Private Training Programs are designed to provide you with everything you need when it comes to training your dog. From Puppies to adult dogs there is a program that fits all ages and breeds. 

Behavior Counseling
When your dog needs some help with issues such as fear, anxiety and aggression this is the right place to start getting help. Management and training plans are created specifically for you and your dog to overcome the problem behaviors. 

Training Philosophy

ROC Animal Training & Behavior