Dog Trainer. People Teacher.

ROC Animal Training & Behavior

At ROC Animal Training and Behavior, we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to working with you and your dog. Each client and dog are different and there is no cookie cutter dog training. We are looking at the whole dog physically and mentally.

Society wants us to look at dogs as pets. An animal we can mold and train to do anything that fits in our life style. But that is not true. Dogs are their own sentinel beings. They have their own personality, genetics and learned experiences. As a dog trainer it is our job to help you understand your dog. And how to help meet their needs and live together without conflict. A lot of dog behavior problems are actually human behavior problems. But we want to help you with that at ROC. 

In order to have a great relationship with your dog, you both must know how to communicate properly with each other. We will teach you and your dog the skills to think and problem solve so you can enjoy a happy life together.

We have a plan for everyone whether you need a well-mannered dog or a solution for a specific behavioral issue. We consider ourselves Dog Trainers and People Teachers.

Training Philosophy