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​​The perfect way to help prepare your puppy for their new world!

Puppy Passport Club is a monthly training membership to safely socialize your puppy.

  • For puppies 8 weeks to 5 months of age.
  • Designated class times will be set up and you can come to one or all of the classes in that month.
  • At the first of the month there is a live virtual class held in the Facebook Group. We go over all the Puppy fundamentals in this class. 
  • Each class will be held at a different location.
  • Puppies will either watch from car, stroller, wagon or be on a safe cot or blanket you provide.
  • Once you join Puppy Passport Club you will be added to a Facebook Group where the times/locations are posted in advance.
  • Unused classes do not roll over.
  • The membership is month to month and you can cancel at anytime.
  • Only 8 puppies are allowed in Puppy Passport Club at one time.
  • Puppies must be current on age appropriate vaccines, have a clear fecal and an exam by their veterinarian. 

$150/month – 4 class times offered per month, plus Virtual class once a month. 

To Join you can fill out the application below:

Why is Puppy Passport Club so important?

  • ALL puppies need puppy socialization! Let us help you socialize your puppy safely!
  • The best time to start is when your sweet perfect puppy is still behaving perfectly!
  • There is NO advantage to waiting! The window of socialization begins to close at 12 weeks of age!
  • It is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT things you can do to ensure your puppy's future.
  • Socialization is not just about interacting with a bunch of people and puppies. Learn what it IS and what it ISN'T!
  • Positive exposure to many new things can protect your puppy against future behavioral issues.
  • Socialization is necessary for your puppy's ability to cope as an adult dog and, without it, can lead to lifelong deficits.

In Puppy Passport Club you will learn to:​

  • Use positive reinforcement training with your puppy. 
  • Prevent and manage undesired puppy behaviors.
  • Ensure that socialization experiences are positive for your pup.
  • Understand normal canine behavior.
  • Read canine body language.
  • Build a lifelong bond with your puppy.