ROC Animal Training & Behavior

Owner and Trainer at ROC Animal Training and Behavior

​​Jessi Lane, RVT KPA- CTP

The Premier Force Free and Positive Trainer in Moore and South OKC

Jessi started out working veterinary medicine in 2007 She has worked in several emergency medicine and day practices since then. She graduated from Oklahoma State University - OKC in 2010 and received her Associates in Veterinary Technology. She is a Nationally and State licensed Registered Veterinary Technician.  

Working in the veterinary medical field peaked her interest in behavior. She saw how anxious and fearful some of the patients can be and wanted to find a way to decrease that stress and anxiety. She also noticed that while everyone loves their dog that sometimes their bad behavior can make it hard to connect and have a wonderful relationship with them. She began to read and research and found prevention can be the key to preventing many unwanted behaviors. In 2011 she started teaching Puppy Pre-K and Basic Obedience classes. Jessi wanted to further her education so she attended the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behavior and graduated as a Certified Training Partner in 2014.  

Jessi's passion is to encourage and strengthen the human-animal bond.  She is a current member of the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians. She is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator as well. Jessi continues to learn and grow her knowledge by attending continuing education and going to seminars and conferences.  

Jessi competes with her Dobermans, Jett Roc in Agility, Barn Hunt, Lure Coursing and he holds Trick dog titles as well. Colt is just starting his career to be like his big brother.  When not training dogs Jessi can be found at the lake with her husband, Jordan their son Jackson and step-daughter, Izzy. The whole family loves to be outdoors and on the water. Izzy loves having the big dogs to "boss" around and helps with setting up classes. Izzy will join Jessi at sport trials and runs Colt in fun runs for agility and lure coursing. Jackson is still a baby but has shown he has the love of animals as well!

Why ROC Animal Training?

Jett Roc is Jessi's soul dog. He has been there from the beginning of the business and helped her go thru the Karen Pryor Training Academy. Jett has always been up for learning and pushing the boundaries with Jessi. He has also gone through all of Jessi's mistakes of learning to be a good trainer as well.

ROC also stands for "Right On Click".  Jessi loves clicker training and the fun that people and dogs can have doing it. Clicker training falls in line with her training philosophy. She wants training to be fun for all involved but also effective for real life.