ROC Animal Training & Behavior

At ROC Animal Training and Behavior,

we are not just dog trainers.
We are people teachers.

Training dogs not only takes knowing all about how dogs think, learn and the background and science of dog behavior. It involves learning how to help the other side of the leash truly understand their dog. We pride ourselves on knowing both of those aspects and helping you and your dog have a great relationship.

Owning a dog is a big reasonability. Making sure your dogs physical and mental needs are being met can be frustrating and stressful at times. We help make that easier on you by focusing on the family dog. Everyone has a lot going on in life, and we help you set realistic goals that meet your dogs needs as well as your family dynamic.

We are different from other trainers because we focus on finding out what motivates and rewards your dog (and you!) and we train using fun and kind methods. No two dogs or owners are alike, this is not cookie cutter training.

You get a dog to have a companion and have fun with them. We do not want your dog to be a robot or perfect. We want for your dog to be comfortable in their environment, be able to focus on you and help work thru the unwanted behaviors. Each family environment is different and each dog is different. That is why we are teachers more than anything.

If this sounds like the type of dog trainer you are looking, for please check out our website or email us.

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What our Clients say about ROC Animal Training

Dog Trainer. People Teacher.