Group classes are a great way to learn with your dog. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun learning environment that will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to successfully work with your dog to get the kind of behavior you like, both at home and out in the world. Classes are kept small, typically 6 dogs per class. You will get individual attention and help during class. 

Below is a list of the different classes offered. To enroll online click the enroll now button and find the date and time of your choice. Classes are offered at different days and times through out the year. 

Advanced Manners

Canine Outdoor Adventure

Group Classes

Hiking Hounds:

This is a 6 week class that meets once a week. Using fun, reward-based methods, owners gain a firm understanding of why our dogs respond the way they do. This class is learning the foundations to how your dog thinks, why they do what they do and how to create a great bond with your dog all while improving your dogs manners. For dogs 4 months and older. During this course your dog will learn: Targeting, settle, sit, down, watch, leave it and come (recall). The total cost for the 6 weeks is $225.00.

 Information and Class Rules:

- Families are welcome and encouraged to attend together. Children must be able to sit quietly when not training and not distract the   other students.

- Classes are a maximum of 7 dogs per class and a minimum of 3. This ensures that you and your dog get plenty of attention and help. 

- Payment is due when registering for the class and is NON REFUNDABLE. This is required to hold your spot in the class. Please note   there are NO REFUNDS once you have registered.

- We recommend if you are considering signing up for a class that you thoroughly review your personal schedule to ensure you will not   miss classes. It is best if you can make all the class. Missing one class is fine, but your dog will do better with the consistency of each     week. If you miss a class then you forfeit that class. We do offer make up sessions for $30 if there is time in the schedule to do so. 

- We reserve the right to ask any handler with a dog that is outwardly aggressive towards people and/or other dogs to be removed from      the class environment and one on one privates can be done instead before attempting to continue in a class structure. If you are           unsure if your dog will do well in a class, please contact us before registering and we can decide together.

- Once you have registered for a class you will receive a confirmation, please check this over to make sure your registration is accurate      with the date and time of the class you selected.

 - All dogs are required to have current vaccines for their age. Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella. (Titers are okay).

   Vaccines must be given by a veterinarian. If vaccine records are not provided then your dog will not be allowed in class. 

- If a dog has any diarrhea, vomiting, coughing or sneezing they can not come to class. 

Basic Manners

Advanced Manners is the next step in your dogs learning journey. In this class you will refine what you have learned in Basic Manners and we start to add low to high level distractions to all exercises. We will play games that will help your dog become fluent in his/her good behaviors. This mimics real life so your training actually works in the real world. We will learn loose leash walking, heel work, meet and greets with people and other dogs and stays. This is a 6 week class that meets once a week, total cost is $225.00.

This 4 week class is designed to get you and your dog ready to hit the trail!

Skills you will learn are:
Leash skills (not being dragged!), Recalls, Trail etiquette, Leave it, Stay, Trail safety and a little bit of first aid, Conditioning your dog (and you!)
The first 3 classes are held at a local park and the last class will be on a hiking trail locally. Those locations will be emailed to you a week before class starts.

Pre-requisites: You dog have taken Basic Manners or already knows beginner obedience. Dog must be comfortable around other dogs and people. Class is $200.00 for 4 weeks. 

This is an "all weather class" - We will hiking unless there is storms, lightning, below 35 degrees or over 95 degrees. We recommend flea and tick prevention on dogs and proper attire for owners. If class is postponed we will add another week on.

There will be no more Group Classes after June 2023

Canine Outdoor Adventure is designed to teach owners how to handle their dogs in real life, everyday situations by using skills previously learned. We also learn how to have fun with our dogs and explore new places. This improves obedience, helps to enrich your dogs life and for you to have fun with your dog!

Each week we meet at a different area including fields, ponds, wooded areas, playgrounds and shopping areas. Your dog needs to be able to be okay with dogs and people and be non aggressive. Exercises will encourage good behavior in public as well as having fun with your dog.

This class is 4 weeks long and is $200.00.

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