Behavior Modification does involve obedience training. But we are not working with a clean slate. We are correcting, managing and changing behaviors that have been going on for a long time. Behaviors that are destructive, unwanted and possibly dangerous to the dog or others. Examples are reactivity, fear, aggression, anxiety and destruction. 

In order to accomplish the behavior modification we must replace the unwanted behaviors with acceptable behaviors. But we must also work at the dogs level. We cannot flood, push or coerce a dog to do something if they are not in an appropriate state of mind. Nor can we expect them to do something different if we have not shown them what we want. Finding a professional who is experienced and educated in this area is extremely important if you are looking for effective change in your animals behavior. 

Behavior Counseling is designed for problem and unwanted behaviors such as fear, anxiety, reactivity, aggression and destructive behaviors. These appointments are held at the training center at 1004 SW 104th St OKC. They can also be done virtually over Zoom. 

What is included and how it works:
      - Private 1.5 hour consult is set up first.

      - A detailed information form about your dog(s) and the issues at hand will be completed                    before the first consult.

      - During the consult we will go over management, safety, training and start with                                    behavior modification exercises.

      - A detailed plan will be given to continue working with your dog at home.

      - One hour follow up lesson is set up (included in price).

      - Email and phone support are available.

      - Additional lessons or classes may be needed. 

Cost $385.00

Obedience Training vs. Behavior Modification 

Obedience training is manners driven behaviors. We are teaching the dog to interact with us in our world. We start somewhat from a clean slate and we lay the foundations and build on that. Think of it as going to school, kindergarten through senior year and onto college. Obedience training is necessary for all dogs. But the level they end up completing is different for each family and dog. 

Behavior Counseling

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